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Run a global check on your product name prior to release

woman sitting on the roof of a white car
woman sitting on the roof of a white car
Photo by averie woodard on Unsplash

Every new product needs a name. The name is its identity. Back in 2012, Apple called the iPad3 “The New iPad.” It was a brilliant marketing move. Not only would you get people visiting the Apple store asking for The New iPad, but there was an explosion of free PR with people complaining about the name as well as those praising it.

Imagine being hired by IKEA to figure out what every little screw is supposed to be called. We all know the Billy bookshelf by now. It’s iconic, as well as its name.

A name that feels perfect for your product should not be shipped instantly though. We have seen countless cases where companies have had to pull products they released too early. …

The power of “Hello”

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Photo by Elle Hughes from Pexels

Earlier this year, I submitted a story to a publication I’ve been trying to break into for a long time. The story was rejected, but what followed was the start of a friendship and a potential professional relationship. The editor reached out to me after viewing my profile. He wanted to know more about animation and how we work. As a scriptwriter, he wanted to learn about my craft so he knew what to expect if he ever pitched a film project.

When I tell people I make movies for a living, they light up. They want to know how they made Brad Pitt younger in Benjamin Button. How did they manage to make Gollum so believable a decade ago? …

The Power of Medium

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Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

When I started my Medium journey in January 2020, I didn’t think about money. I was super excited to have found a platform to share my knowledge. Then, the money started rolling in. My first payment was $213. I thought this was normal and continued writing.

After a while, I understood that the vast majority of writers never make more than $100. According to the September newsletter from Medium, only 6.2% of active writers on Medium made over $100.

Like every new writer on Medium, I became obsessed with articles about how to succeed on Medium. What were the tricks? How would an article go viral? Most writers agreed that consistency and quality content matters. The rest will slowly cook into success. You put in the work over a long period and then you eventually get to cash out. …

Remember when Niklas Göke taught us all how long a headline should be?

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Photo by author

This headline breaks all rules already. Will the headline fit in the new dynamic design? What about the headline and the sub-headline combined?

Before the September 2020 update, a headline would get capped at 100 characters. If you needed more space than 100 characters to grab your audience’s attention, you were out of luck.

Niklas Göke taught everyone this in his article The #1 Way to Ruin a Medium Title. …

Why Your Story Is Not 100% Yours and How to Fix It

photo of beautiful Lofoten in Norway at dawn.
photo of beautiful Lofoten in Norway at dawn.
Photo by author

You just finished writing your best piece. Now, the hunt for the photo of your article starts. While browsing different photo sites you find one you want to use for your story. You can’t find a perfect photo, but you find one that somewhat represents your story. 50 other writers have used the photo already, but you decide to use it anyway.

What if you were able to shoot your own photos?

“But, I’m a writer, not a professional photographer”, you tell yourself. That doesn’t matter… Trust me.

You don’t have to be a professional photographer to shoot photos for your stories. This guide is about how you can shoot good photos with amateur equipment. …

Instrumental ambiance for any occasion

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Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

When I ask people if they can work with music in the background, I normally get a clear yes or no — Especially for writers.

I have found that I have problems listening to music when I need to focus. I like to write in complete silence, but if I am gathering material or I’m laying out the structure for the story I am working on, I can listen to background music.

If I am working on some braindead tasks, I can fire up some noisy dubstep that would normally make my brain hurt.

In this story, I have gathered some of my favorites and I would like to share them with you. Keep this in the background if you like to have some music assisting your writing- or study adventures. …

Projects that will push you in the right direction

white right-pointing painted on blue wall
white right-pointing painted on blue wall
Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

Disclaimer: No links in this article are affiliate links

The first few times I tried learning Python, I didn’t know what to do with my new skills. Therefore, they slowly died. In 2019 I was able to devote more time to learn Python from the ground up. This time I was able to see the potential of this new language.

It can be hard to see how you can put your new knowledge to good use.

So, you can split words or pick an item from a list… Great, now what can you use that for?

These are the questions you might ask yourself, but the answers will appear automatically when you start working on projects instead of trying to use your skills on something random. …

Binary- vs. Linear Search — implementation and performance tests

photo of a man with fireworkscreating spirals
photo of a man with fireworkscreating spirals
Photo by Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash

It’s that time of the week! You decide to dive deeper into a subject and today we are looking at Binary Search.

As always, there are many ways to solve the same problem. When you want to check if an element is in a list, you can do this with a linear search as well as a binary search, but guess which is faster.


If you have watched programming job interviews on Youtube lately, you know that binary search is a favorite.

Why should you spend time learning about binary search? Your C++ programming friends probably told you this already. …

A single drawing kickstarted a life of art.

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Photo by Kevin Ye from Pexels

When I was nine years old, my teacher caught me not paying attention in class. I was sent to another classroom, all by myself, with a set of instructions. The rest of the class kept working on their assignments.

It was not a punishment, it was an opportunity. In fact, it was a life-changing decision.

That day, my teacher shaped my future.

Who are teachers to you?

Teachers have an enormous impact on our lives. …

“What if you die today?”

photo of a man lying on the grass smiling
photo of a man lying on the grass smiling
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Steve Jobs was one of the finest entrepreneurs the world has ever seen. He will be remembered as one of the most important visionaries throughout history — driving humanity forward with technology and design.

Steve Jobs affected your daily life whether you own an Apple product or not. Without his passion for great products, smartphones would still be in a rough state.

Before Jobs passed away, Walter Isaacson wrote “Steve Jobs, The biography”. …


Martin Andersson Aaberge

CG supervisor with 16 years of experience in the Animation- and VFX industry. Studying Design, Use and Interaction (UX) at the University of Oslo

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