Martin Andersson Aaberge
Photo by Константин from Pexels

Have you ever read something that made you take a sidestep and go, “Whoa… That was on point, aggressive, yet tasteful”? I find myself digesting the impacts after reading Jessica Wildfire’s articles. It’s something about her honesty and the way she can steal your focus for a few minutes. …


Grow your follower list, graphics by author

It’s 2021, the pandemic is still trolling Earth, world leaders don’t know what to do, flying cars are only a few years away, and Medium is changing its partnership requirements.

To join the Medium Partner Program, aka MPP, which makes you eligible to make money from your stories, you have…


photo of a row of garbage containers
Photo by Christian Naccarato from Pexels

You’ve seen them. They sit behind their digital wall — ready to strike at any moment. Eagerly awaiting their next victim. Like a camouflaged poisonous fish, hiding in the sand. There! A post! That’s their cue! Engage!

It is almost like a guessing game. Whenever someone posts a link to…


medium + Projector, graphics by author

The latest news on the street (or, straight from Ev himself, really) is that Medium recently acquired the company Projector. Trevor O’Brien and Luke Millar will join Medium as Chief Product Officer and VP of Engineering.

Their resumés are impressive, and it is exciting to see that Medium is staffing…

Martin Andersson Aaberge

CG supervisor with 17 years of experience in the Animation- and VFX industry. Focus: UX, Writing, Programming, Productivity. Contact:

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