Apple Silently Releases the AirPods Max

A new breed of headphones with the familiar functionality

source: Apple

I was on the phone with my brother today to talk about Christmas. After talking about the M1 for a little while he suddenly said “Have you seen the new headphones they released?

What headphones?

Going to the front page greets you with the new Apple Airpods Max.

What is this? Another silent release from Apple? How can you drop such a product like that without even telling us?

I guess it is part of that exclusive feeling.

Who are these for?

Earlier rumors said Apple was working on studio headphones targeted at professionals. The headphones they released today seems to be targeted towards you and me, the everyday man, although a bit on the expensive side.

These are no Apple Studio headphones, but the name and the information we have on them suggest that they are much like the Airpod Pros you have already — Only this time, closed and comfortable.

Who knows. When we get some reviews from audiophiles, maybe they will be referred to as the Apple Studio headphones in the future.

Considering the price, they are competing with some serious high-end headphones, like some Ultrasone Headphones.

What can they do?

Apple lists these features:

  • Adaptive EQ
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Transparency Mode
  • Spatial Audio

All of these features, except Adaptive EQ, you know from your Airpod Pros.

They are wireless and has a microphone, the one-tap setup we love is there and the auto-detect feature will allow you to swap between your Apple devices all day long.

Speaking of all day long. Apple claims these headphones will last 20 hours. This means you could wear them all day long and charge them for the 4 hours you would get of sleep.

When you look at how comfortable they look, maybe that is what most people will do.

The case puts them in an ultra-low power-save mode, but they don't seem to protect the headphones much.

source: Apple


The headphones will be available from December 15th this year but expect some delivery time. When dropped some in my cart it said delivery January 6th, but I’m not in the US.

We can all look forward to the reviews which are guaranteed to pop up quite soon and see what these can do before we get our hands on some ourselves.

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