Hi Sinem.

I didn’t realize you had such a “small” follower base when you started 2020. I have seen your hard work, and you deserve every dollar and follower.

I am so glad you cover the follow-for-follow BS. Why would I want followers who aren’t really interested in what I write about? And why would I follow someone who writes about something I don’t care about? It would confuse the Medium algorithm. A follower count is worthless if they are full of cat people (I don’t write about cats. If I did, they would be awesome).

Earlier this year, I did spend some time posting my stories to different facebook groups because I thought it was vital to share my content there to get more reads. I tried to track which stories went where, but in the end it just faded by itself. I haven’t done it it a while and the follower count and read-times are way higher these days. I write consistently, even though i don’t publish much and it pays off.

Thanks again for the insight.


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