3MacBook Pro 14.1 Inch Now With Mini LED and All The Great Features From The 16 Inch?

Apple might release a killer portable Macbook Pro

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Apple is known for not confirming rumors, but when analyst Ming-Chi Kuo talks about upcoming products, everyone listens.

Better Everything

If you have recently picked up a Macbook Pro 16-inch, you have probably noticed how everything is better. The thinner bezels give the display an extra inch. Apple’s failure on the keyboard has been reversed and we are now back with the new/old keyboard design. The butterfly switches are dead and scissor-switch, like on the Magic Keyboard, is back

Other great features of the Macbook Pro 16-inch are better speakers, better microphone, physical ESC key (developers are happy about that one), better thermals and a bigger battery. Overall, the new Macbook Pro is an amazing upgrade.

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We should expect much of the same for the upcoming Macbook Pro 14.1 inch. It is likely to keep the form factor of the 13-inch and grow bigger by removing the bezels. All the other changes we experienced with the 16-inch is likely to end up in the 14.1-inch model as well.

But Wait. There’s More

Big news on the 14.1-inch is the use of mini-LED. While the Macbook Pro 16 inch has a traditional display, the 14.1-inch is rumored to include the mini LED display.

This would give the 14.1-inch better black levels, better contrast, HDR support, wider color gamut, localized dimming, and higher brightness levels. A much-welcomed feature for those editing HDR videos. Unlike OLED, mini-LED won’t suffer from burn-in.

Ming-Chi Kuo tells us Apple is applying this technology to the iPad, iMac and the next Macbook Pro 16-inch. There seems to be a shift in screen technology for Apple.

For the rest of the internals, we are probably looking at a continued use of intel CPUs, upgraded GPU, more ram and storage. The 16-inch supports up to 8TB of storage (going from 1TB to 8TB is $2,200.). It will be interesting to see what the 14.1-inch will offer.

Will The Coronavirus Delay Production?

If you have been paying attention to the outbreak of the Coronavirus, you might also know that NASA Earth Observatory reports a massive decrease in pollution in China.

Copyright “NASA’s Global Climate Change website”

Apple already stated that the revenue will be lower than expected in 2020. Coronavirus is a direct damage to the production line. It will be very hard, if not impossible, to catch up after the delay January and February experienced.

However, according to our sources, the Macbook 14.1-inch is unaffected by the coronavirus and should be ready for Q4 2020.

In Conclusion

In the world of Apple, it seems like we have some interesting times ahead. The MacBook lineup is finally getting slimmer, and Apple finally started listening to their pro customers. The last few years have been a bumpy ride for professionals as they have not been heard. With the new 16-inch release and the upcoming 14.1-inch release, Apple is finally getting back to the pro users with amazing gear.



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