Thank you for this article. I enjoyed reading it.

It's nice to see someone take quality seriously.

I've been part of a failed startup before where one of the factors behind our failure, was that we never managed to properly release a version. We had several working versions, but the different needs of different studios, made us want to fix all of it for all of them prior to release. What we should have done, was to release one of the working versions and keep developing. We slowly killed ourselves.

When it comes to the Google Glasses, I think it is important to look at Validation vs. Verification. The Google Glasses product itself it absolutely not crap. It is fantastic. The product is verified as it meets the requirements for the specifications laid out.

Google's problem was that it was not validated. The users felt like they violated others around them just by using the glasses and people were very vary of the people waring them, causing uncomfortable social settings.

When it comes to launching or not, I think we need to look at it case by case. From my experience it would be great to narrow down the areas that are safe to release for further tweaking and those that can not be released because it would cause more damage than good.


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