The Problem Isn’t Men

Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels

When I started reading this I felt it was going to be an article I wouldn’t be able to relate to. Aparently the US has more issues than more developed countries when it comes to the balance between the sexes.

In Norway the maternity/paternity leave is split like this:

  • Mom: 15 weeks
  • Dad: 15 weeks
  • Split however you like: 16 weeks.

We work hard to make sure moms and dads spend time with their children.


In our household The work we do is balanced. During home schooling we were equally involved in the day to day activities and following the communication with the school. Cleaning the house, dishes, making dinner, picking up from school/kindergarten is also split pretty much 50/50. I don’tsee why I shouldn’t do at least as much work as my wife just because I was born a man. That doesn’t make sense.

When it comes to putting a price tag on the work going on, do we calculate other things like fixing the stairs, gluing toys, making a bird house, mowing the lawn, changing tyres on the car, and other typical male «jobs»?

I agree 100% that men and women should be paid equally, and both sexes should be involved equally in the lives of their children.


The problem isn’t men itself, it’s the culture. Unless the culture changes, it will be very hard to stear this in the right direction. We have spent many years working on this culture, and while we probably have more work to do, we are at least on the right track.

I also believe having more women in politics will benefit society as a whole. I am glad we have more women in top positions than ever before. The other scandinavian countries also share this pattern.

I don’t mean to lash out on your country, but it has to change locally to change globally.


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CG supervisor with 17 years of experience in the Animation- and VFX industry. Studying Design, Use and Interaction (UX) at the University of Oslo

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