USA — You’re On Fire Right Now

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I hired an arsonist to cut my grass this year. I was shocked to see him burn down my lawn!

Should I be shocked that the arsonist used fire to cut my grass? I guess not, I hired him and I knew very well what he stood for. I hired him anyway and granted him access to my lawn. My neighbors did the same. I’m surprised half of them would hire him again. It was very effective, but it left my lawn hurt and set back years.

You Hired a Businessman

Dear USA, you got what you asked for. You hired a businessman to take care of China taking your jobs.

You hired a leader that tells everyone who disagrees with him that they are fake, awful, or bad at what they do. For Christ’s sake, you had a president who told a heckler that he would like to sit down with him and talk about the disagreements they had because he would like to hear his arguments. Now you have a president who will shoot you in the face instead.

For your next election, it would be nice if you did the world a favor and treated it as an election and not a reality show.

Enjoy The Flight

Photo by Ray Bilcliff from Pexels

Every year several countries spend millions of dollars uniting on global issues, like health, climate, and the future of the planet in general.

You hired a businessman to pull you out of the treaties you spent years working on. First, the Paris Agreement, and later pulling out of the cooperation with WHO. After the WHO didn’t do exactly as you wanted, you pulled out. Negotiation as the primary funding country? — Maybe.

The US contribution was $893 million where $237 million was the membership dues. The rest is based on donations. Will you see any of that money well spent at home? Maybe, but most likely you will get a new fighter jet or two instead. It costs $77.9 million per F-35 fighter jet and $44.000 per hour to fly one, yes… ONE.(source: popular mechanics)

Someone You Know Might Get Shot Today

Photo by Matt Seymour on Unsplash

Chances are, someone you know will not be alive next year because you believed it was more important to build a wall against your neighbor country. A wall… To protect you. Who will protect you from yourself?

It should not come as a surprise to you that you will get shot in the leg by the military the next time you move outside your house. This is starting to look like the beginning of a civil war.

It should come as a surprise to you that you will be facing the National Guard the next time you go outside after 7 p.m. This is the same administration who add guns to deal with guns. It’s classic fight fire with fire.

Dear America, you hired an arsonist to cut your grass. Don’t be surprised when your lawn is left burning.

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