Writing Music to Get Your Flow Going

Instrumental ambiance for any occasion

Photo by Ivan Samkov from Pexels

When I ask people if they can work with music in the background, I normally get a clear yes or no — Especially for writers.

I have found that I have problems listening to music when I need to focus. I like to write in complete silence, but if I am gathering material or I’m laying out the structure for the story I am working on, I can listen to background music.

If I am working on some braindead tasks, I can fire up some noisy dubstep that would normally make my brain hurt.

In this story, I have gathered some of my favorites and I would like to share them with you. Keep this in the background if you like to have some music assisting your writing- or study adventures.


You can’t go wrong with the piano. It is a fantastic instrument and works well on its own without vocals.

KYGO — Piano Jam for Studying and Sleeping
Ed Sheran — Piano Orchestral


The Lo-Fi genre is great for studying and writing. Some have vocals in them, but most are not disturbing. These are great for consuming material or writing story structure.

LoFi Hip Hop Radio — Beats to Relax/Study to
Autumn Mix ’20 — LoFi JazzHop / Chillhop
Code-Fi — LoFi Beats to Code/Relax to

Electronic Downtempo

This genre features a faster phase, but not like we are used to in techno. Therefore we can play these for inspiration in the background without taking out our glowsticks and foam machines.

Future Garage — Nu-Garage, Post-Garage, Space-Garage
After Hour Playlist — Inspiring Downtempo Music
Programming — Designing — Hacking — Coding — Focus


Another electronica genre that is similar to electronic downtempo. Chilstep often has some extra deep base and from what I have found, some more vocals. Not really vocals, but voice elements that work like instruments

Otherworld — Chillstep Mix 2020
The Calm — Chillstep Mix
Inspiring Music — Chill Mix for Artists


As an outro, let's include the golden standard in background music for working — Classical music

Classical Morning
Edvard Grieg — Greatest Hits
Vivaldi — Four Seasons

Final Thoughts

I hope you will enjoy some of these links and that they will assist your writing journey. They sure assisted mine.

Thank you.

Written by

CG supervisor with 17 years of experience in the Animation- and VFX industry. Studying Design, Use and Interaction (UX) at the University of Oslo

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